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Tiger Carving

Width: 360mm
Height: 450mm
Thickness: 6mm
Carving depth: 4mm
Time: 24hrs
Bit: 2mm Straight Cut
Plunge: 0.5mm
Feed Speed: 100%
Status: I did not sell this one, I kept it.
Lesson: Don't carve 4mm deep, 0.5mm is deep enough. Plunge more than 0.5mm and max 1mm. Speed up feed rate to 200%.
Even though it took a long time to carve, it turned out great. I could have used a thicker bit.
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A Hairstylist's Prayer

Width: 650mm
Height: 700mm
Thickness: 6mm
Carving depth: 1mm
Time: 11hrs
Bit: 60 degree VCut
Plunge: 0.75mm
Feed Speed: 200%
Status: Charged R280, Client offered and paid R350.
Lesson: Size does matter. It was big, but worth it.
It turned out great. I first painted the board black, then I carved it.
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I will add more completed projects soon, it is very time consuming.

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