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Custom Software
We create custom software on request.

Future Software

The following Software is still in development phase:

● Firearms Collection
● Round Information
● Firearm Information
● ATF Information (USA)

● Firearms A&D
● Suppliers, Clients, Dealers 
● Round Information
● Firearm Information
● ATF Information

● No Database
● Print on ordinary printers
● Print on ordinary labels
● Import directly from excel spreadsheet

● Online Database
● Inventory, Label Printing
● Stocktaking ability:
Android app included to count stock or produce labels

● Use Mobile device to send timed/live locations to our server

● Use Mobile device to alert someone (and/or provider) that you are in need of assistance. This will send manual locations to our server

● MS Windows Program to monitor CellTrack Mobile and iPanic Devices
● Trip replays
● Position Reports

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